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Hi Tim,

I live in Prestwick Village Golf C.C. in Highland, MI in an area that was hit by the hail storm at the end of July. I was unaware of any roof damage that occurred to our home. I began seeing signs in our neighborhood for Precise Construction and met your representative Garrison Toole. He came out to our home and provided an assessment showing us the hail damage that had occurred.

Today, our insurance adjuster came out to inspect the damage and approved our roof to be replaced. Garrison was present as well for the inspection and was very prompt and arriving early. He wanted to provide us representation with our insurance adjuster so we were dealt with fairly. Although the insurance adjuster was able to see the extensive damage, it was nice to have Garrison present with his expertise as well.

I asked Garrison for a contact person for someone that I could brag a bit about him and he provided your email address. I just wanted to make someone aware of the good job Garrison is doing for your company. He certainly represents your company very well. When my wife and I met him initially, he gave us background on the company and came across as very proud of the organization he works for. I know how difficult it can be to find good employees and will say that you have a good one with Garrison. He is very polite, shows up at the time he promises to, has a very good knowledge base and is always dressed neatly with the company representation on his shirt.

It's been a pleasure thus far working with Garrison. I hope you will give him the recognition he deserves as an outstanding employee.

Thank you,

Karl B
Highland, MI